Hello friends! Welcome to our online shop!

We are Simply Natural; a family-owned and operated natural products shop in our hometown of Washington, Missouri.

In the summer of 2019, we opened our shop and farm with a clear goal to bring our community quality natural products to help improve their health and wellness while also supporting other small businesses and farms. We’ve taken great care to sustainably source a wide selection of all-natural items at our store, including

Hemp-derived CBD


Raw honey

Essential oils


We love our store and our wonderful customers but we also love getting down in the dirt at our farm! We started with just a few beehives and a couple of acres of elderberry, now we grow over 10 acres of CBD hemp, 5+ acres of elderberries, and more than enough honey for our needs. Being able to share our hard work with our customers from our own (sometimes very sore) hands has been more rewarding than we could have ever imagined. Very soon we will be offering even more of our own farm-to-home products for our community, so expect some big announcements soon!  

2021 is here and we are so excited for new beginnings! Even if things don’t seem like they have changed much since 2020 it’s a great time to reflect, make positive changes and be the example we want to see! This year we really want to bring more to the table by giving back to our community and our customers.