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Aura Cacia Relaxation kit is perfect for users interested exploring the power of Aura Cacia pure essential oils for relaxation. The kit includes Aura Cacia Lavender Essential Oil, Aura Cacia Patchouli Essential Oil, Aura Cacia Sweet Orange Essential Oil, and Aura Cacia Chill Pill Essential Oil blend, along with a learning guide with recipes, dilution information and quick- tips — in all, more than 25 ways to relax with essential oils.

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is the most popular essential oil and is widely recognized for its floral-herbaceous aroma and many uses. It is generally considered one of the safest oils to use for adults and children.

Patchouli (Pogostemon cablin) essential oil is well known for its balancing and grounding properties. It’s often used for skin care products, perfumes, diffusions, and home care products.

Sweet orange (Citrus sinensis) essential oil is citrusy and refreshing, and is most often used in diffusions and home care products to freshen up the space.

Chill Pill essential oil blend combines sweet orange, lavender, patchouli, peppermint, sweet basil, and Roman chamomile essential oils for balancing and relaxing. It can be added to a carrier product or diffused into the air for a peaceful atmosphere.

Product features:

Lavender essential oil has a perfectly balanced floral-herbaceous aroma and provides an unmatched array of attributes: relaxing, refreshing and cleansing.
Patchouli essential oil has a fresh, green aroma and has grounding, balancing benefits.
Sweet orange essential oil has a cheering and refreshing aroma.
Chill Pill essential oil blend combines essential oils for balancing and relaxing.

There are so many ways to use essential oils! The above suggested uses are just an introduction to a wide variety of quick tips and recipes available on Because essential oils are highly concentrated, we recommend diluting them in a carrier product like skin care oil, water, unscented lotion, or unscented liquid soap. Follow this guide for safe, effective use.

Suggested Uses:
Quick Tip for lavender essential oil: Add 18 drops to the water in laundry rinse cycle for fresh-scented clothes and linens.

Quick Tip for patchouli essential oil: To make a calming liquid soap, blend 48 drops of patchouli essential oil and 4 fluid ounces of unscented liquid soap, apply to wet skin, lather and rinse.

Quick Tip for sweet orange essential oil: Add 24 drops of sweet orange essential oil to ¼ cup sea

Package Contents:
Each Discover Relaxation Kit contains 1 (.25 fl. oz.) bottle each of lavender, patchouli, and sweet orange essential oils, 1 (.25 fl. oz.) bottle Chill Pill essential oil blend and a learning guide with tips and recipes.

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